When Howard Jennings put pen to paper and wrote, “The frequencies were changing but we never heard the sound,” the sentiment rang true on multiple levels. It was the present as he watched his neighborhood slowly morph into something unrecognizable and it was his own history navigating the space between artist and traditional breadwinner.

After discovering a passion and adeptness for music with the help of his dad’s ’67 Guild M20, Jennings tried balancing cubicle culture with the lifestyle of a traveling musician. Denim suited him far better than dress shirts and ties and so he stepped away from code-switching to focus wholeheartedly on writing and performing reflective alt-country pop that blends the best of John Mayer and Ray LaMontagne.

Today, as a father and solo musician that calls Nashville home, everyday life quickly translates to meaningful, song-worthy moments. For this Americana artist, it’s about finding that magical frequency that reminds us to love, connect, and appreciate what we have and what we’ve lost.

Jenning’s latest single, “The Sound Song,” which was featured in American Songwriter and played on Nashville’s Lightning 100, is a love letter to Fond Object, his neighborhood record store. The closing of this local institution is complex and wrapped in layers of loss and transition. Penning this song was a way to cope and walk through another threshold as an artist, father, and human being facing a 2020 universe.

TV/Film Placements:
“Got It Goin’ On” || Cavemen (movie), Jersey Shore “Make It Official”, Teen Mom “Home For Christmas”, Fangasm “Date With A Supermodel”.
“Fell Into You” || Teen Mom “Lean On Me”, Fangasm “Final Fandom”.
“Dance With You” || MTV’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians “What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas”
“I Belong To You” || MTV’s Real World New Orleans “2401”, MADE “Beck Rocker”
“You & Me” || MTV’s Real World New Orleans “2401”
“25 to 89” || Gun It With Benny Spies